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I applied for a loan to pay off and consolidate debt last year. Very easy affordable and easy to check balance and credit score.

J Goodart, 02/07/2021
LendingTree Customer

This is a great website! The videos help teach you to understand credit and how money lending works.

Beachgirl2000, 10/25/2020
LendingTree Customer

By far this is the most complete financial literacy app I’ve seen anywhere! It even told me what my car was worth lol!

SirChris1000, 08/08/2019
LendingTree Customer

Free TransUnion report. A lot of helpful tips. Great reading material. Awesome opportunities...

CarlitoV007, 06/07/2020
LendingTree Customer

LendingTree provide the tools and information needed to make better financial decisions. Nice to have your financial information funneled to one data center with a ready view.

Solomon Mcclendon, 01/22/2021
LendingTree Customer

this app/company is a helpful tool for people that have difficulty understanding all the options available to them to help understanding financial opportunities available to them

Brian Groberski, 01/17/2021
LendingTree Customer

Have been outstanding at not only meeting my financial needs... but anticipating future needs and financial goals... overall 5star... Bravo

Keith Cowley, 12/26/2020
LendingTree Customer

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Increase your cash flow

Connect your bank and credit card accounts with LendingTree to track your budget, spending habits and cash flow. Evaluate your debt load and get real numbers showing how financially prepared you are for the future.

Increase your cash flow

Boost your credit health

Get unlimited access to your credit score and credit report, along with weekly updates about how your credit is faring. Explore the factors affecting your score, see recommendations on how to improve it and dispute errors that may appear on your credit report.

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Find real savings

Discover ways to lower your monthly payments on loans, credit cards and bills with personalized saving alerts and relevant recommendations on reducing your expenses.

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You’ll never pay to use LendingTree’s basic features. Why? Because you shouldn’t have to pay to make smart choices about your financial wellbeing.

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From credit cards to car loans, choose from a wide selection of financial products that will help you reach your goals. Shop and compare on our marketplace so you can find your best deals.

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Get smarter about your financial health with educational videos that cover credit, home-buying, personal loans and more.

  • Understanding Your Credit
  • Choosing the Right Credit Card
  • Getting Your First Mortgage
  • Understanding Your Loan Estimate